Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I did today. 6/30/2010

I woke up, and my mom said it was about 5 minutes until dad got there. I ran into the bathroom. I put on my best pair of jeans ( they look great on me ), and a Tinkerbell shirt. When I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water to brush my teeth; my mom said my dad was here. I said I was still going to brush my teeth, my mom said to be quick. I ran in the bathroom and brushed as fast as I could. I ran over to the door to go outside, but ( oops ) I wasn't wearing shoes! So I ran in the back room. I went over to a basket where we keep our shoes, and I put on my dark pink sandals. I went outside, and ran into the car. I was kinda surprised. Nick wasn't sitting in the middle; he was sitting in the back next to my little brother Gavin. Once we dropped my dad off at work, my mom said that we weren't gonna get bread today, and we would eat at Mcdonald's for breakfast. Being the picky eater Gavin is of course he said "I don't like Mcdonald's!". What person hates EVERYTHING at Mcdonald's? Anyway then we went to Jack in the Box. The second we pull into the driveway ( OR MILLISECOND ) Gavin says "I don't like Jack in the Box." That kid is such a jerk. But afterwards we still ate at Jack in the Box. We went to Walmart, and my mom went in with Gavin and Justin. When they came back we went to the theater. Today they had Monsters vs. Aliens. If you don't see a movie in the year it was made, just see it in the summer. Anita and her kids weren't there this time. We went home after. Mom says she didn't want to go to the library because she was too tired. So we all went home. I played Toontown online on the computer. Gavin played Fancy Pants Man 2. :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I did today...

Today I woke up at my dad's house. When he said get up and get dressed, in my dream this fat police man was yelling "KILL THE REST!", and in the dream I was in a dungeon and that sure wasn't a good sign. I woke up, and I ran in the bathroom to get dressed. The first time I put my pants on, I put them on inside out. No wonder I could buckle the zipper. I put it in on the right side, and when I got to the door waiting for dad, he said we might he late because someone took twenty minutes in the bathroom. I ran to the van and got the second row seat ( I always sit there only sometimes Gavin does ). So when we got to mom's house mom got in the car, and we went to dad's work. We went to a bread place, and got some bread. And every tuesday and wensdays you get to watch a free movie at the theaters, so we went there. Today Curious George was free at the theater. So me my mom and my three brothers went. My mom's friend Anita came, too. I am friends with her son Dexter. After the movie Nick noticed that Maggie ( one of anita's children ) had forgotten her jacket. So after we gave them the jacket we went home. I watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I didn't like that movie at ALL! I mean I have read the books, but that was NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like the book! The guy who plays Percy looks 15 and he is suppose to be 12! And in the book Hades doesn't even want the bolt! He doesn't want war. And when Luke stole the bolt, it left out entirely why he did it with why Cronos sent him. It doesn't doesn't even mention him. And Ares is suppose to apart of the plot, too. Nothing like the book.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Ari made at Painted Earth

What did you do today?

Well, I woke up this morning and read. Then I heard my mom was going to the store with my grandma, so I asked to come with them. I brushed my hair, and ran out the door and into grandma's car. When we got there we saw a blood drive. I thought “I am not ever going to give blood, I seriously don't like needles!” Me my mom and grandma talked about blood types. Apparently mine is O positive, and that blood type can be given to anyone. I wasn't happy about that. When we went inside Stater Brothers, my mom said she might get me and my siblings donuts. The Pop em's were really a little over priced. So my mom got some powdered donuts. When we got home Justin and Gavin ran to the box. Later on in the day I was sitting down and Gavin told my little brother Justin to take my phone while he fought me. Then Justin threw my phone, and I punched Gavin. He cried and he said that his nose was bleeding.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What did you do today?

Today? Well, today I woke up on a couch. My mom told me to get up and get dressed, but I was gonna wear a brand new outfit my grandma got me ( of three ). But I left it in my dad's car, and he had taken my brothers last night. So I brushed my teeth, and ate a little breakfast. When Dad got here I ran inside the car and grabbed the bag. I showed 2 of the outfits to my mom and she couldn't believe the one I wore yesterday because apparently the other 2 were way cuter. I chose the one with tights. I decided to wear the other one tomorrow. I was excited to go to school because we were not going to do any work that day, we were just going to play board games and watch movies. I forgot to mention, we were gonna have a movie party. Afterwards, when I was playing monopoly my teacher said my mom was here to take me, and she was in the office. My mom was gonna take me to lunch with her, we were going to Chilli's. Me and my mom played a game like tic tac toe, but harder. After Chilli's, we went to Baskin Robbins, and my mom got me a Reese's ice cream. When we got back to my school lunch was still going on. But after a few minutes lunch ended and we went back to class. That's when our movie party started. We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakuel. After that, it was time to go home, and we picked up my dad and now I am at his house.

The day I was born...

I will tell you what I can remember of what my mom said. I think she was buying some clippers for my hair for when I was born ( there was a problem with that because I did not get hair for a while ). I think her water broke, but I can't remember how she got to the hospital. When she was giving birth, I think I was facing the wrong way. So the doctor had to use a vacuum kind of thing. I think the doctor had to take a nap, too. And my mom can't remember which of her children's births had a doctor that just had to go take his son to a barber shop!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What is the best thing about being the only girl?

The best thing is asking my parents,"Am I your favorite daughter?". And being the only girl, the answer is always yes. That's mainly the best thing. And I can make jokes too. I always say," Am I your favorite daughter?" they say yes, and I say "So you love me more then Tina?"( we use to call my brother Gavin that). But they never laugh. Anyway, one of the best things being the only girl is, I don't fight over make up. I am not into make up that much, but it would still be weird if I fought over it with my brothers.